Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tobacco Nazis On The Loose In Florida

Officials from a Florida town cracked down on employees who didn't use deodorant or wear underwear, which sparked debate about whether they were infringing on workers' personal choice.

Now the Brooksville city council is considering legislation to crack down on employee tobacco use — both at work and during their personal time — by requiring them to quit smoking after one year. The proposal would also disqualify for employment anyone who admits to the habit.

Referring to smoking as the root of all evil — particularly following her mother's troubles with the habit — Mayor Lara Bradburn said that eliminating tobacco use would help decrease city insurance rates — at cost savings to taxpayers — while helping employees be healthier.

But Bradburn said the legislation being proposed by the city council was being blown out of proportion. She added that many private and public companies already have similar tobacco policies in place.

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office, for instance, requires new hires to sign a document that includes a provision certifying that the employee doesn't use tobacco and won't in the future. Those who do could face disciplinary actions, including termination.

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