Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hapless About The Homeless

The Florida House of Representatives just voted to make attacking homeless people a hate crime, but state Rep. Paige Kreegel is not happy about it. He thinks Florida’s homeless are “bums” who just lounge about in beach chairs drinking orange juice all day long, and now this bill comes along and gives the shiftless hobos more rights than his poor wife and children currently enjoy.

“The bill is creating a new protected class of people based on the fact that they’re not voters, they’re not taxpayers and they live on the streets,” said Kreegal, who knows that homeless people do not vote or have to pay sales taxes because he read all about it on some Republican's blog.

Apparently, Florida legislators were more persuaded by a Ft. Lauderdale homeless man's suffering, since his attack by teenagers was actually caught on video.

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