Friday, April 23, 2010

Small-Minded Beat Up On Small Fry

Wonkette had a great post today on Sarah Palin's continued efforts to stomp a college prankster into the ground. And this is the woman that some (misguided) folks want to elevate to the presidency.

Former University of Tennessee student David Kernell faces up to 50 years in federal prison if convicted of identity theft, mail fraud and two other felony charges. His lawyer has called the case a prank, not a crime. Kernell improperly gained access to Palin’s e-mail account in September 2008 by correctly providing her birth date and ZIP code and correctly answering that Wasilla is where she met her husband.

From the blog post bylined, "Common Street Trash":
This dumb college student will probably go to jail for 50 years for easily guessing [Palin's] e-mail password hint using the rare knowledge he acquired reading the first sentence or two of her Wikipedia page. The judge will want to impress her for a lipstick-smooched autographed photo.

Sarah Palin is now using her vast political knowledge and expertise as one of America’s greatest leaders to help brutally prosecute a dumb college student who figured out her incredibly easy e-mail password hint two years ago and uploaded a few screen shots to some web forum leading to a day or two of pranks which meant nothing in the end and probably just boosted her career through faux-victimization, the only weapon in her arsenal; she is awful.

Asked outside court if she thought the charges against Kernell were excessive, Palin said, “I don’t know, but I do think there should be consequences for bad behavior.”

Community service sounds about right. In fact an out-of-court settlement of “a few bucks for Willow’s gas money” would be harsh enough. Especially since it was not “hacking” or “mail fraud.” There were no Soviets named “Boris” cracking nuclear launch codes.

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