Tuesday, April 20, 2010

He's Not A Real Senator; He Only Plays One On TV

Scott Brown thought that playing Senator was going to be a walk in the park. The Huffington Post openly mocked him, saying that Brown must have believed that all he had to do was "just straight up drive his pickup truck to Washington and set about casting the 41st vote and all would be well . . . Now he doesn't seem to know if he's coming or going -- and having difficulty explaining things to reporters. Nobody said that there would be 'explaining!' "

When pressed for details by the Boston Globe on his opposition to financial reform, he comes off as deeply confused, trying desperately to avoid talking about specifics:
"I want to see when it's going to come up, how it's going to come up," he said. "I'm always open to trying to work something through so it is truly bipartisan."

When asked what areas he thought should be fixed, he replied: "Well, what areas do you think should be fixed? I mean, you know, tell me. And then I'll get a team and go fix it."

He appeared to oppose the creation of a consumer protection agency within the Federal Reserve. "It's more government, it's more government regulation at a time when businesses are trying just to pay their bills," he said. "Is that good? . . . If it's an area we need to fix, then I'm certainly open to it. But I haven't heard that that's the biggest thing that's problematic with it."

The Daily Dude is recommending Scott Brown as Palin's running mate in 2012-- at least she'll have someone (who by comparison) makes her look smarter.

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