Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sanford And Its Sons

Earlier this week, details of George Zimmerman's statement to the police surfaced.  The 29-year-old self-appointed watchman, who last month killed an unarmed teenager, claimed that he was in a life-or-death struggle with Trayvon Martin.  He said that the teenager tackled him on a sidewalk and started beating him up-- punching him in the nose and banging his head on the concrete.

A few days after that, surveillance video of his arrival at the police station hit the internet-- in the images you can clearly see that Zimmerman did not have blood coming from his nose; that there were no bruises or scratches on his face, neck or hands; nor was there any blood at all on his clothing.  There did not seem to be a wound on the back of his head, but that is inconclusive.

Tonight, CNN reported the story of a witness to the incident who says that he/she saw Zimmerman and Martin fighting on the grass, not the sidewalk-- which sows further doubt of Zimmerman's claim that his head was slammed into the sidewalk.

So even though we still don't know definitely what happened that fateful night-- in my eyes,  Zimmerman's credibility is slowing drifting away . . . .

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