Monday, March 19, 2012

Argentina Breaking Away From Religious Oppression

Argentina's Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that any rape victim can get an abortion, setting an historic precedent in a country where abortions are generally illegal.

Until now, it had been up to a judge to decide which rape victims could get abortions, and generally only women with mental disabilities were approved. In several well-publicized cases, even young girls who had been raped were forced to carry out their pregnancies.

The Supreme Court now says no rape victim can be punished for terminating a pregnancy. And those women no longer need a court order. All they need to provide to a doctor is a sworn declaration that they were raped.

The Roman Catholic Church condemned the ruling, saying abortions are wrong even in the event of a rape.

Let's hope that Americans will come to their senses as well, and refute the religious right's renewed attack on women in this country.

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