Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rush-ing For The Exits

The exodus continues.  Today, 17 more companies announced that they will stop advertising on Rush's radio show:  Bare Escentuals, Sensa Weight Loss, Vitacost, AccuQuote, ServiceMagic, Polycom, Hadeed Carpet, Thompson Creek Windows, stamps.com, Deere & Co., St. Vincent’s Medical Center (CT), Bethesda Sedation Dentistry, Cascades Dental, J.C. Penney, Netflix, Downeast Energy, and Capital One.

Geico, which has not been advertising on Limbaugh's show for several years, was so paranoid about folks thinking they supported his hateful crap that they released this statement:

In 2004, GEICO instructed our affiliates not to run our ads during Rush Limbaugh’s program. This week an ad was placed incorrectly on the show.

We do not place ads on Rush’s program. We do not sponsor the show. We have repeatedly alerted our partners that our ads are never to run during his program. If this does not change rest assured that we will remove all advertising from this radio network.
Sad to say, the Armed Forces Network continues to carry his show.  if you want to help with that, you can complain to DOD by sending an email here.

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