Thursday, April 18, 2013

82 Minutes Of Clusterfuck

Buzzfeed helpfully breaks down how the media yesterday insanely tried to outscoop each other on the false story that a suspect had been arrested in the Boston Marathon bombing (CNN's coverage featuring the particularly obnoxious duo of John King and Chris Cuomo):

1:42 pm - AP: Breaks story that an arrest is imminent.
1:43 pm - Reuters: Investigators do not have the name of a suspect
1:46 pm - CNN: An arrest has been made, citing he AP report and a source
1:47 pm - CNN: Lord & Taylor video helps ID a “dark skinned male” as a suspect.
1:51 pm - Reuters: Reports CNN story that a suspect is in custody.
1:51 pm - ABC: An arrest "may be imminent."
1:55 pm - NBC: No arrest has been made; but there are persons of "great interest."
1:59 pm - CBS: Law enforcement is "very encouraged" by latest developments.
2:00 pm - FOX: An arrest has been made.
2:02 pm - AP: A suspect is in police custody.
2:03 pm - CBS: No arrest has been made.
2:05 pm - FOX: An arrest has been made.
2:06 p.m.: Boston Police-A suspect is en route to the Federal Courthouse.
2:08 p.m.: ABC-Authorities are "close to identifying a suspect."
2:09 p.m.: NBC-Repeats that no arrest has been made.
2:13 p.m.: CNN-A suspect has been arrested.
2:18 p.m.: CBS-No arrest has been made; suspect was ID'ed via cell tower logs.
2:24 p.m.: Reuters-No arrests have been made.
2:25 p.m.: Boston Globe-A suspect is being taken to US District Court
2:26 p.m.: Media descends on the Federal Courthouse in Boston.
2:32 p.m.: NBC-Reports that no arrest has been made.
2:33 p.m.: Boston Police Department-There has not been an arrest.
2:36 p.m.: Boston Globe-NO suspect is in custody and NO ONE is under arrest.
2:38 p.m.: CNN-Backtracks, saying that no arrest has been made.
2:42 p.m.: CBS-Suspect is a white male, describes clothing.
2:43 p.m.: FBI spokesman-No arrest has been made.
2:47 p.m.: AP-Backtracks, saying that no suspect is in custody.
2:49 p.m.: FOX-Backpedals, citing "conflicting reports."
2:58 p.m.: FBI written statement-No arrest has been made.
3:00 p.m.: CNN-Issues official correction on its Facebook page.

The Good (NBC, CBS) the Bad (Reuters, ABC ) and the Ugly (CNN, Fox, AP) . . .

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