Thursday, June 24, 2010

Photoshop Fun With Right Wing Retards

Can you identify all the photo-shopped elements in the latest piece of moronic humor making the round of the wingnut blogs?  Answers are after the jump.

Answer key appears  below the picture.

1. Lenin lampshade.
2. Taking down the Washington Monument.
3. Vintage USSR flag.
4. Gay rainbow flag.
5. Statue of Liberty crying in shame.
6. George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” banner (because why not?)
7. Trio of Portraits: Ugly face ’shopped on Michelle Obama, Stalin, Mao.
8. Elmo and Barney dolls.
9. Thompson gun, Malibu Barbie convertible.
10. Nicely stocked bar.
11. Infamous “black person looting” photo from Katrina.
12. Lava lamp, tribal doll.
13. Mug of draught beer.
14. Midget Jimmy Carter coming up through hole in floor.
15. Obama with a hollow head holding a tiny George Soros homunculus.
16. Al Franken in diaper holding teddy bear.
17. Bong.
18. Bozo the Clown jack in the box.
19. Barney Frank lisping, with a red finger 'cuz he fingered a socialist
20. Katie Couric sexy-time wedding dance.
21. Desk gargoyle.
22. Ghost/angel of Ted Kennedy.
23. Bowl of money to eat.
24. Terrifying war dwarf.
25. Novelty “ladies legs” lamp, golf trophy, Oscar trophy.
26. Eric Massa as Tickle-me-Elmo

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