Monday, June 14, 2010

Chatroulette Pioneers Penis Software

Now comes news that the 17-year-old founder of Chatroulette wants to turn it into a more legitimate venture-- and apparently the first order of business is cutting down on the number of disgusting things one witnesses there.

According to TechCrunch, the rawness that drew millions to Chatroulette in the early days is beginning to scare users and investors away.  (Who woulda thought that Chatroulette would be the one place on the web that people aren't looking for naked pictures?)

TechCrunch reports that Chatroulette founder Russian Andrey Ternovskiy has been trying to cut down on the number of penises.  Being introduced soon will be features that will try to send all those pesky penises to the background. Also in the works is new software that can quickly scan video to determine if a penis is being shown.  Users that are consistently quickly skipped over (presumably because they are exposing themselves or otherwise being disgusting) can be flagged as well.

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