Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Super Bowl Super Slam

In a total slam against little Danny Snyder (who has been trying for years to get the Super Bowl in Washington DC), the National Football League awarded the 2014 championship game to New York City.

That's right-- the NFL (which for  years told the Redskins that the Super Bowl had to be played in a dome stadium or in a city with warm weather) voted to have Super Bowl XLVIII in the new Meadowlands Stadium, where it averages a balmy 32 degrees (with a likelihood of rain) in early February. 

Of course, the average football fan won't give a rat's ass about having the championship game in freezing rain, since he/she was priced out of being able to attend the big game years ago.  The NFL ("No Fun League") long ago stopped caring about the average fan and sold the majority of Super Bowl tickets to commercial interests-- so let the corporate fat cats freeze their butts off.   The rest of us will enjoy the game on free TV on our HDTV screens in the warmth of our homes. 

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