Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Bush Effort Goes Bust

Major League Baseball's Texas Rangers, the team that foolishly signed Alex Rodriquez for a whopping $252 million dollars ten years ago, has filed for bankruptcy.

This was the team that GW Bush "bought" in 1989-- when in fact, he only coughed up $600,000 while his daddy’s oil buddies put up the real money.  The American League franchise is also one of the dumbest franchises in MLB--  it was Bush's idea to trade away future slugger Sammy Sosa back in 1989, before Sosa made seven All-Star game appearances as a Chicago Cub (Bush later ordered the invasion of Iraq).    When the Rangers were sold in 1998, Dubya walked away with $15 million.

Just like the United States under the Bush presidency, the Rangers built up huge piles of debt. And now-- just like America-- the world-famous Texas Rangers baseball team has gone bust.

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