Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trump Credibility Is Circling The Drain

Trump blasted as “fake news” Rachel Maddow’s scoop last night in which she reported on Trump 2005 tax returns. 

The two pages show Trump wrote off more than $100 million in business losses to reduce his federal taxes in 2005.  They also show Trump paid $36.5 million in federal income taxes on reported income of $152M, which is an effective tax rate of 24%.

The problem with Trump's claim is that the White House had already confirmed the authenticity of the document to news outlets.  Ooops!

David Cay Johnston, the Pulitzer-prize winning reporter, who had received the tax return and reported on it first, tweeted:
Gee, Donald, your White House confirmed my story. POTUS fake Tweet. Sad!

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