Saturday, March 11, 2017

Paul Ryan's Latest Attempt To Kill Medicare

Everyone-- regardless of political persuasion-- should be opposed to Paul Ryan's "Non-Health Care" Act.  The draconian legislation represents the Republican congressman's latest attempt to kill Medicare once and for all.

By repealing a payroll tax on high earners that provided a critical additional revenue stream for the Medicare trust fund, the GOP's proposed American Health Care Act would speed up the fund's exhaustion by as many as three to four years, according to estimates from health care policy experts.   And once the Medicare fund is in trouble, you can bet the GOP will insist on "privatizing" it or phasing it out altogether.

Ryan has made it his life's work to eliminate Medicare and privatize Social Security.  Medicare has been a critical component to almost every single American's retirement plan since 1966.  Virtually everyone's mom or dad was on Medicare and without Medicare, most Americans alive today will likely end up spending their life savings on private health care during their retirement years.

Why people keep trusting career politician Ryan with such important legislative efforts is beyond me.  As someone who cut his political teeth on the now-debunked theory of trickle-down economics,  Ryan has nursed a career-long obsession with all topics related to the federal budget and many have long suspected that the former fitness instructor's real goal is to eliminate/privatize entitlements entirely-- all in the name of achieving the holy grail of a balanced budget.  All this shouldn't come as a surprise from a self-professed fan of Ayn Rand-- he has never had the chance to learn an appreciation for the role that society and/or government can play in providing a safety net for the underprivileged or those in need.  Why shouldn't everybody be able to pull themselves up by the bootstraps like Ryan?--  a white kid with two wealthy parents, who went to private schools, had all the time in the world for extracurricular activities, be an athlete, go on ski trips, had his college paid for and never had to pound the leather to get his first job.  Ryan was introduced to politics by family friends and he transitioned from a college internship directly to his first job on the Hill-- what a tough life.  Despite all the advantages he's had in life, he still felt the need to lie about his marathon times-- unbelievable.

But unfortunately, the GOP's supposed intellectual leader, doesn't really understand how insurance works to begin with.  Ryan says the reason Obamacare doesn't work if that the healthy must pay to subsidize the sick.  But that is exactly how all insurance works!  Premiums paid by safe drivers help pay the costs for drivers who get into accidents, right?  What a dumbbell . . . and a dangerous one, too.

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