Saturday, February 4, 2017

Trump Boycott Taking Effect

Looks like Grab Your Wallet's boycott is starting to take a deep bite.  Poor sales of the Ivanka Trump line caused Nordstrom to announce on Thursday that they were cutting their business ties with her.

The first daughter is seeing the clothing line she built for more than five years slowly fall apart, just weeks after her father was elected and masses started boycotting the family's products in protest. Following the Nordstrom news, Ivanka's jewelry line has completely disappeared from the Neiman Marcus website.

 Nordstrom denied partisanship in the decision to drop Trump's brand, insisting the move was made as a result of poor sales months after it was hit by a grassroots boycott started by a marketing specialist and a grandmother. The Grab Your Wallet campaign was launched on October 11 by Shannon Coulter and Sue Atencio after they 'simultaneously realized they could no longer in good conscience shop at retailers that do business with the Trump family'.

Other companies who have dropped her brand due to the Grab Your Wallet campaign include and interior decor store Bellacor. The Grab Your Wallet campaign is still underway, and continues to advocate boycotts of the following companies: Macy's,  L.L. Bean,  Bloomingdale's,  Dillard's,  Zappos,  Amazon,  T.J. Maxx,  and Lord & Taylor.

 Interested? Check out the Grab Your Wallet website for more details on how to participate.

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