Tuesday, February 14, 2017

National Security At High Risk Under Trump

Trump, who campaigned on keeping government information more secure (promising to punish those who fail to secure classified info)  is already racking up security violations at an alarming pace. 

Not only did he just have to fire his National Security Advisor for not disclosing conversations of sensitive nature with Russian officials prior to taking office, his White House has become an unprecedented hotbed of leaks.

Now come reports that last week, Trump left a secure documents bag open on his desk (with the key still in the lock) while photographers and private business engaged in a photo op in the oval office.  It is a violation of the law to leave a key in a classified lockbag in the presence of non-cleared personnel.
Classified Document Lockbag left open during Oval Office photo-op

It is ironic that Trump vilified Hillary Clinton for violating the same laws governing classified information.  In Clinton's case, it was never proven that any un-cleared personnel had access to her email server.  In Trump's case, photos prove that un-cleared personnel did, in fact, have access to the unlocked bag containing classified documents.

Newly-minted Mar-a-Lago "Situation Room"
Just days later, Trump was caught yet again failing to safeguard classified information.  Trump was having dinner at Mar-a-Lago with Japanese Prime Minister Abe when he was briefed (out in the open) on the classified details of the incident at the table in front of hotel staff and other diners. Members of the public interrupted their meals to take cell phone video (with sound) of the incident as it became obvious that something important was going down. Trump and Abe remaining in the public dining room while they discussed the incident and strategized how they would respond in a joint public statement issued shortly thereafter.

Now there are late-breaking details that Trump was aware of the Flynn allegations for three prior to his taking any action.   All of this kinda makes three emails on a secure private server seem like chump change, doesn't it?

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