Saturday, February 13, 2016

Wiping Up The Mess After Treating Your Passport Like Shit

A woman has been refused entry to Thailand after ripping pages from a passport to use instead of toilet roll.  Faye Wilson, from the Lake District of Scotland, was turned back by border officers after they found missing pages, which she said she had used as toilet paper when drunk.  Here's how she put it:
"We were walking from one bar to the next and we must have been desperate for a wee and obviously didn't have any toilet roll.  It was maybe two or three pages. I was a bit drunk so didn't even think about the consequences."

"Thai immigration just opened my passport and started looking through it, and asked 'what's happened here'?  I just said that I had lost the pages because I was too embarrassed to explain the real reason. Before I could explain more, they had deported me back to Dubai and then to Glasgow and confiscated my documents."

Wilson will now have to apply for an emergency passport back in Scotland to continue the trip.

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