Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Irate Gambler Lynched in Nairobi

A Tanzanian gambler has been stoned to death by fellow players at a casino in Kenya's capital Nairobi after he killed two of its employees.

The attack took place at the City View Bar and Restaurant Casino on Tenth Street in Nairobi's Eastleigh district.  The man, identified as John Barnabas Mchanga,  lost his temper when he was refused a chance to try to win back the $300 he had lost, according to police.

Mchanga went to the manager's office and demanded a free play from 40-year-old Winfred Mbuvi, but she turned him down.  He used a Somali sword to stab her several times, killing her.  A security guard, James Lutea, tried to rescue her but was also fatally stabbed.

The Tanzanian gambler also stabbed another guard, Kevin Ogada, who was being treated in a hospital and was listed in a serious condition.   The incident sparked panic and chaos at the casino, sending some patrons running for their lives while a mob of onlookers confronted the gambler.  The mob chased Mchanga and stoned him to death in a nearby street.

Casinos have been growing in popularity in Kenya in recent years.  Revenues for 2014 were estimated at $20 million, representing an annual increase of more than 6%.  Revenue growth is expected to fall, however, due to slower economic growth and a newly-levied 20 percent withholding tax on gambling winnings.

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