Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scotland In A Historic Vote

Spokesman for Yes Scotland:  “It's clear that 'Project Panic' is willing to say anything in the last few days of the campaign to try to halt the Yes momentum - anything except what new powers, if any, they might be willing to offer.  The reality is that the only way to guarantee Scotland gets all the powers we need to create jobs and protect our NHS is with a Yes vote on Thursday - so that we can use our enormous wealth to create a better and fairer country."

David Cameron:  “Please, don't mix up the temporary and the permanent . . . If you don't like me – I won't be here forever.”

Alex Salmond:  “When you try to [pressure] people [and] companies, as the Prime Minister has undoubtedly been doing and indeed the Treasury, then that's a different circumstance.  I think people in Scotland will know the Prime Minister's fingerprints are all over the scaremongering campaign and the Treasury's fingerprints are all over the bank campaign.”

Dennis Canavan, Chairman of the “Yes” Campaign:  "A 'vow' - it looks like something written on the back of a fag packet at the fag end of a long campaign. But the people of Scotland will not be fooled.  There is only one guarantee of getting more powers for the Scottish Parliament and that is by voting Yes.”

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