Saturday, September 27, 2014

Flat-Out Cheap

As if Dan Snyder didn't have enough to deal with — getting ridiculed in this season's "South Park" premiere and again by the "Daily Show" a day later for his insistence on keeping a racist mascot — the Washington owner is now washing down his 14-45 New York-style butt whipping with expired World Cup beer.

That's right-- little Danny Snyder was caught trying to pinch pennies by selling fans stale beer.   Wapo reporter Dan Steinberg entered the four-month-old code from a beer into the "Track Your Bud" website and it confirmed that the World Cup-era suds were past their freshness date.

This isn't the first time cheapskate Snyder was caught trying to making a few extra bucks at the expense of fans.  Back in 2006, the diminutive owner was caught selling year-old peanuts he bought from a defunct airline. 

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