Friday, April 4, 2014

Thanks To You, Asshole, Nobody Has Any Privacy Anymore-- Join The Club!

Thanks to Wonkette, we have a new reason to add to the endless list of why George W. Bush can fuck himself.  In the hardest-hitting interview since Sarah Palin was asked to name stuff she reads, Bush  slammed Guccifer, the hacker who intercepted the Bush family’s emails and revealed some of Bush’s paintings:
“I was annoyed. It’s an invasion of one’s privacy,” he said. “And yeah, I was annoyed. And nor do I want my paintings to get out.”

We'll leave the rest to Wonkette, in one of their classic screeds:
"See, back in oldey-time times, we have vague memories of Bush — who can fuck himself — not giving much of a damn about privacy. Like that time his administration spied on Quaker anti-war protesters, who were against his stupid war and therefore had surrendered their right to privacy because of how they were against his stupid war. He used this ridiculous thing called the Super Duper Jesus Bless America PATRIOT Act  to listen to phone calls and read email and spy on whatever American his administration deemed The Enemy, even though he’d already secretly ordered the NSA to do that anyway, without warrants, which are things you are supposed to obtain in order to do spying, but that’s just a dumb legal thing, and legal things ceased to matter under Bush because of 9/11 9/11 9/11 terrorist terrorist terrorist 9/11.  
He also signed the FISA Amendments Act, which allowed him to make phone companies turn over all their records so he could read your sexts and emails if he thought you were maybe trying to do terrorism. Maybe. Like, if he had a hunch. You know, like how he had a hunch we should invade Iraq, even though he was wrong about that, which is another reason Bush can fuck himself. 
The odds that we will ever know the full extent of Bush’s spying-on-Americans-but-just-the-terroristy-kind  program are, let’s see … carry the one, divide by never … ah, right, zero. But we know he invaded the shit out of the privacy of plenty of Americans, and he didn’t care. No one in his administration cared. None of his supporters cared. Why should you care if the president is listening to your conversations unless you have something to hide, hater? Besides, the security of America, as defined by the assholes who shrugged  at terrorist threats [before 9/11] and then lied us into a war in a country that had nothing to do with anything, trumps your petty little privacy concerns. Hater."

So that is why we (and many, many folks including Wonkette) don't give a flying fuck about Bush getting his privacy invaded.  He can take it like a champ-- just like all the rest of us law-abiding jerks have done since he kicked off a world-wide binge of spying, torturing and human rights abuse.

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