Thursday, April 10, 2014

Iran Vying To Unseat Saudi Arabia As Bastion Of Misogyny

Iraqi Justice Minister Hassan al-Shimmari has proposed a new law that would lower the country’s legal age for marriage to 9, legalize marital rape, ban women from leaving the home without the permission of their husbands, prohibit Muslim men from marrying non-Muslims, and bestow automatic custody of the children on men in divorces.

The law does permit an exception to the inter-faith marriage ban, thankfully.   Muslim men can marry non-Muslim women for a few hours if they want to fuck them, then divorce them after they have sex.  It’s a wonderful concept called “temporary marriage,” and of course, it will be protected under the new law.  Muhammad would surely be proud.

The law, which only applies to the country’s Shia majority, is “optional” for the Shia population.   It should be noted that it’s not optional for 9-year-old girls.

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