Saturday, January 4, 2014

Vaccine Demomizer Delivers A New Shot

UPDATE:  McCarthy is now denying all claims that her son was "cured" of autism or has been diagnosed with  Landau-Kleffner syndrome.  It turns out press reports of her recantations were based on a report from Time magazine's website that was little more than a repackaging of a 2010 interview with McCarthy.  Within an hour of McCarthy's public statement, Time pulled the article from its site without comment.    In her statement, McCarthy said the 2010 interview "never contained any such statements by me.  Continued misrepresentations, such as these, only serve to open wounds of the many families who are courageously dealing with this disorder.  The implication that I have changed my position [and] that my child was not initially diagnosed with autism is both irresponsible and inaccurate."

I still stand by my original position that McCarthy is an under-informed demagogue who is victimizing hundreds (possibly thousands) of non-vaccinated children due to her rantings/ravings.

My original post is below:

After years of advocating against childhood immunizations, saying they cause autism — former Playboy centerfold Jenny McCarthy is now reversing her position.  McCarthy's 7-year-old son Evan no longer shows any signs of autism and is now being diagnosed with completely different illness.  Dr. McCarthy had also previously claimed that chelation therapy had "cured" her son of autism.

It's now looking like her son never had autism to begin with (ooops!).  In a new interview with Time magazine, McCarthy suggests her son suffers from Landau-Kleffner syndrome, “a rare childhood neurological disorder that can also result in speech impairment and possible long-term neurological damage.”

As expected McCarthy takes no notice of the years of fear mongering over child immunizations.   The Center of Disease Control has said her previous claims about immunizations made her “a menace to public health.”

Of course, McCarthy won't apologize.  Instead of admitting she was wrong she now says she wants vaccinations better researched — rather than getting rid of them altogether, as she previously advocated. 

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