Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bullet Shortages Making The Rounds

Reports are literally rolling in regarding red-state num nuts who are buying up ammunition in the fear that Obama will take away their guns-- which is causing critical shortages of ammo for legitimate law enforcement. 

Things are so bad that even Walmart has been rationing ammo sales since January.  The Jenks Police Department says they can’t get the guns or ammo they need because prices have skyrocketed and supplies have dwindled.  They're running out of bullets in Greer, South CarolinaBozeman, Montana and Shelbyville, Tennessee as well.

Alex Seitz-Wald at Salon says the NRA is to blame.  The NRA is in the business of selling guns, and they’ve got a vested interest in keeping their paranoid membership paranoid.  Paranoia helps keep membership up, and helps fuel gun and ammo sales.  And what’s good for Big Gun is good for the NRA.

The answer, according to many, is to make ammunition prohibitively expensive for anyone to have more ammo than they need for self-defense.  Agreed.

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