Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Six Women Rape Nigerian Man To Death

Uroko Onoja's fame and financial success allowed him to enjoy the patronage of the most beautiful girls in the Nigerian village of Ugbugbu Owukpa, Ogbadibo.  However, it also led to his untimely death at the hands of his six jealous wives, according to a local report

Trouble started at 3 am Tuesday morning, when Uroko returned from Ochanja, a popular joint in the small community of Ugbugbu and headed to the room of his youngest wife. According to the youngest wife, the other wives then invaded her room with knives and sticks, demanding that their husband have sex with all of them at once. Uroko was overpowered by the women and ordered that the sex marathon being with the youngest wife and to continue in that order to the oldest.

Uroko stopped breathing as the fifth woman was making her way to the bed. “Suddenly, my husband stopped breathing, and they all ran out, still laughing, but when they saw that I could not resuscitate him, they all ran into the forest," said the youngest wife.

When contacted, village chief Okpe Odoh affirmed that the matter had been reported to the police and investigation was ongoing even as the youth of the community were helping the police in search of the escaped wives.  At the time the report was filed, two of the wives had been arrested.

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