Sunday, July 22, 2012

Best Buy Employee Joins The Peek Squad

A female Best Buy customer says an employee who promised to transfer her contacts and photos to a newly purchased iPhone burned a CD of her racy photos and invited her to his home to retrieve them.

Sophia Ellison says she hired a Geek Squad employee at the Fair Oaks Best Buy, in Fairfax, Va., to transfer her photos, phone numbers and email addresses when she replaced an older iPhone in April.  A day later, she realized her new iPhone 4s didn't have any of her 900 photos, including suggestive personal photos and a video taken by her young children of themselves, joking after getting out of the shower.

"I felt sick. I felt violated. I felt so embarrassed," Ellison said.  Ellison called the Best Buy to complain, and asked a manager to call her.  Instead, the Geek Squad employee called her, promising to retrieve her photos. "A few days later, he called back to tell me he'd made a CD at his house with all my photos, and said I could pick them up at his house," Ellison said.

Ellison hung up the phone. She's distraught that someone else has her very personal property.  "I'm a woman. I love to model. I'm not a model, but I love to model. I have some pretty racy photos of myself, for me."

Paula Baldwin, public relations director for Best Buy Services says the employee has now been fired.  "We can confirm that an employee at this store has been terminated for making a personal transaction with a customer while on duty at the store. We're continuing our investigation and assure you that we will continue to act promptly to address any inappropriate employee behavior."

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