Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Getting Pegged As Best Man

A 39-year-old stripper is facing charges for sexually assaulting a man at a party in Melbourne, Australia. Linda Maree Naggs is accused of raping the best man who told police he was anally penetrated with a vibrator during his best friend's bachelor party.

A witness told the Melbourne Magistrates Court the victim had been egged on by a cheering crowd of up to 30 men to perform with the hired stripper after the groom sat down after spending less than a minute with her. "All the boys were there wanting a show," he said.

The alleged victim, who cannot be identified, had his shirt taken off and his pants pulled down to his knees when Naggs was passed a vibrator by a female assistant.

One witness said the best man (who had looked uncomfortable throughout the entire performance) was forced on to all fours by Naggs who was naked and wearing a sex toy. "She went behind him and pulsated to push him to the ground," he said.

The witness said he heard the man scream and get to his feet. "'Why did you do that for ... you didn't have to do that,'" he said the man yelled. The best man then pushed Naggs in the chest who retaliated with a right-hook punch but missed and threatened to "come back with my bikie mates". You can check out the article for more sordid details.

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