Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hackers: Fuck Donald Trump

A number of radio stations across the nation are being forced to defend themselves, claiming that an alleged hack resulted in the airing of an anti-Trump song on their airwaves.  On Monday, community radio station Sunny 107.9 issued an apology after YG’s FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) started playing on its station. They claimed that their internet had been 'hacked', denied it was their broadcast and insisted they "do not take political views."

Another station in San Angelo Texas was soon reported to be playing the song.  Other stations claiming to be affected by similar hacks are:  Nashville's WMGC El Jefe 96.7, Evansville's WIAH 103.5 Mother of the Redeemer,  Louisville's WCHQ 100.9 Crescent Hill, and Salem, SC's  WFBS Sunny 107.9.   Seattle’s pirate radio station 101.9 is apparently continually playing the song intentionally.   For your edification, check out the tune below:

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