Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sports Fans Fail Biology 101

Outraged internet users are incredibly confused that American Pharoah (a horse) had somehow been passed over by Sports Illustrated for "Sportsperson of the Year." Instead, the honor was awarded to tennis star Serena Williams-- a human. 

What is it about the non-human being that could possibly have kept the magazine's editors from bestowing the honor of "Sportsperson of the Year" on the animal?   Mmmm . . . hard to say.

The tweets poured in-- "I'm cancelling my subscription!" . . . "why have a reader's poll if you're going to ignore it?" . . . "I'm sickened about what you did to the horse industry" . . . "American Pharoah is the man!"

What this says about the readers of Sports Illustrated, I'll let you all decide.

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