Friday, January 2, 2015

NYC Cops Hold New Yorkers Hostage In Beef With Mayor

It has been confirmed that New York City police are making regular NYC folk innocent bystanders in their illogical and immature beef with Mayor de Blasio. 

The New York Post reported, and city officials confirmed, that officers are essentially abandoning enforcement of low-level offenses. According to data for the week starting Dec. 22 (two days after two officers were shot and killed on a Brooklyn street) traffic citations had fallen by 94 percent over the same period last year.  Citations for public drinking and urination were down 94 percent, parking violations were down 92 percent, and drug arrests by the Organized Crime Control Bureau were down 84 percent.

The New York Times has thrown down the gauntlet, calling the NYC police force on the carpet for its despicable tactics.  If the NYC cops don't back down soon, this standoff could stretch out for weeks, if not months . . .

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