Friday, March 21, 2014

There's A Reason They're Called "Glassholes"

Last month, a Bay Area woman claimed that she was attacked for wearing Google glasses at a bar in San Francisco’s Lower Haight.  But her one-sided version of the events not only destroyed her credibility but led to an even greater wave of antagonism against so-called "Glassholes".

Tech writer Sarah Slocum initially claimed that a patron in a San Francisco bar accosted her by yanking off her Google glasses and physically attacked her.  But the dubious, one-sided account of  the incident quickly blew up in her face, as additional witnesses jumped on social media triggering a negative backlash against the self-described "social media consultant".

Accounts from many other witnesses now paint a much different picture.  As Sarah Slocum was showing off her Google glasses to someone at the bar, others became concerned about the possibility of being recorded without their consent. A patron then made some insulting comments to Slocum, after which a male companion of Slocum's retaliated by throwing a punch.

The bar was closing for the night, so the incident was taken up anew outside on the sidewalk, where Slocum again attempted to record the proceedings.  Another witness took to Slocum's Facebook page with her recollection of the events:
I am the woman who was excited to try on your glasses. I also witnessed what happened outside after the bar shut down. You are fabricating a lot here. You were incredibly drunk and very much instigating the altercation. A whole can of worms might explode in your face. You did not file a crime report and you dropped your purse. Many people witnessed it all.
In the days following the incident, Slocum only succeeded in furthering the scorn being heaped on her by locals when she tried to categorize the hostility against her as a "hate crime".

Naturally, Slocum's friends tried to fight the rising tide with sympathetic and supportive messages.  Another witness named “Brian” said he was not surprised at how the whole thing went down.  “You know, the crowd at Molotov’s is not a tech-oriented crowd for the most part.  It’s probably one of the more punk rock bars in the city.  [Displaying] a level of tact in that type of establishment might have behooved her."

In the weeks following the alleged "attack", reports emerged that Slocum had a restraining order against her for an incident two years ago where she admitted to secretly pointing her smartphone at her neighbors’ open window and recording their conversation.

Slocum’s former neighbor, Jessie Lilley Campbell, told reporters she was going public with her run-in with Slocum “because I wanted people to know that Sarah Slocum is no victim.”  Campbell said she and her husband have since relocated to another town in Santa Cruz County, but don’t want the location made public because, “we moved away to get away from her.”

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