Monday, July 19, 2010

Wonkette Holds A Nasty Spot In Her Heart For Darth Cheney

Gotta love the Wonkette-- every now and then she comes up with a nicely smart-assed classic.  Commenting today on Dick Cheney's recent medical procedure:

Some doctor man wrote about Dick Cheney’s Polly Pocket robot heart in the New York Times, and it turns out Dick Cheney no longer has a pulse, though he is stubbornly still alive. Dick Cheney’s blood now just flows continually, like the River Styx. He doesn’t need your lowly “pumping!” Cheney will probably be “urged to wear bracelets or other identifications to alert emergency room doctors” as to why he has no pulse, as it probably won’t be the first reason that comes to mind.

But here is the good news:  [Cheney's doctor] said he had implanted a total of 170 such pumps and of those, 24 were in patients 65 and older.  Nine of the 24 have died [and] six of the 15 survivors [eventually] received heart transplants. The remaining nine are living with the pump.

The odds are still in our favor.

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